International Conference and The 10th Congress of the Indonesian Entomological Society

In commemoration of its 49 years of establishment, the Indonesian Entomological Society is holding the International Conference on Ethnoentomology and Entomological Sciences, which coincides with the 10thCongress of the Society.

Papers are invited for oral or poster presentation at the Seminar. Selected papers will be published in the form of a Scopus Indexed proceedings and journals or published in accredited national scientific journals with additional fee. All prospective authors are invited to contribute to submit their original and unpublished paper that address the conference theme: “Learning from the Past, Adapting for the Future: Advancements in Ethnoentomology and Entomological Sciences for Food Security and Health”.


Website ICCESI:

We are pleased to invite you to submit you paper related to the topic below:

  • Insect Biosystematics
  • Insect Physiology & Toxicology
  • Chemical and Biopesticide
  • IPM and Insect Ecology
  • Insect Molecular Biology
  • Insect Plant Interaction
  • Environmental Science
  • Biological Control
  • Economic Entomology
  • Medical Entomology
  • Ethnoentomology
  • Insect Conservation
  • Natural History of Insect
  • Agricultural Entomology
  • Forest Entomology
  • Ecological Engineering
  • Insect Bioinformatics
  • Pollination Ecology
  • Invasive Species
  • Global Insect Decline
  • Insect as Bioindicator
  • Ethical Insect Research &Illegal Wildlife Trade.


Abstracts and full manuscripts should be submitted via Edas System


Keynote Speakers

Prof. Ary Hoffmann
The University of Melbourne, Australia
Frontier Research in Wolbachia Insect Interaction

Nicholas Césard, PhD.
Museum National d’Histoire Naturalle, Paris
Ethnoentomology: A new Frontier of Knowledge-Co-Production Accross Society


Invited Speaker

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Hafiz Ab Majid
Malaysia, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Molecular Marker in Entomology: Current and Future Application

Prof. Dr. Kazuyoshi Futai
Kyoto University, Japan
Insect and Plant Pathogen Interactions


Prof. Jianguo Wang PhD
Jiangxi Agricultural University, China
Diversity of Ambrosia beetle in Asia

Prof. Sadahiro Tatsuki
Tokyo University, Japan
Application of Insect Sex Pheromones for Crop Pest Management


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