“Learning from the Past, Adapting for the Future: Advancements in Ethnoentomology and

Entomological Sciences for Food Security and Health”

Summit to engage, share and discuss on the latest advances in entomological science

6-9 October 2019, SANUR-BALI, INDONESIA



It is a great honor to invite all deligates from around the world to the International Conference and 10th Congress of Indonesian Entomological Society that will be held in Bali-Indonesia. In this conference, we will highlight the importance of ethnoentomology and the advances of entomological science for human life. Ethnoentomology addresses the local knowledge related to insect that has been in existence for thousands of years. This related to insects as food, and insect as pollinators and insect product such as wax, honey, and the uses of insects in alternative medicine. As science and technology develops, we understand that more and more local knowledges are important and they can contribute to the advancement of today’s sciences. Entomology as a science should embrace such kind of knowledge in pursue for future knowledge in tackling food security.

We are pleased to present International Conference and the 10th Congress of the Indonesian Entomological Society “Learning from the Past, Adapting for the Future: Advancements in Ethnoentomology and Entomological Sciences for Food Security and Health”. Presentations will relate to integrated perspective for the importance of Food Security and health through with the ethnoentomology and entomological sciences as an entry point. The ICCIES will provide researchers, academics, and practitioners an ideal platform to congregate, share information and discuss their scientific results and experience, with particular reference to ethnoentomological and entomology sciences in relation with climate change adaptations in the tropic.

We believe that this ICCIES is a great opportunity for delegates to engage members of various organizations, groups, and associations whose presence is essential for the advancements of ethnoentomological sciences in relation with food security issues.




Keynote Address

“Frontier Research in Wolbachia-Insect Interaction”

(Prof. Ary Hoffmann, University of Melbourne)

“Ethnoentomology: A new Frontier of Knowledge-Co-Production Across Society”

(Nicolas Cesard, PhD, National Museum of Natural History, Paris)


Invited Speaker

Prof. Jianguo Wang PhD, Jiangxy Agricultural University

(“Diversity of Ambrosia Beetle in Asia”)

Dr. Kazuyoshi Futai, Agriculture Kyoto University

(“Insect and Plant Pathogen Interactions”)

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdul Hafiz, Universiti Sains Malaysia

(”Molecular Marker in Entomology: Current and Future Application”)




1. Socio-Cultural Value of Insect

2. Pesticide Management

3. Eliminate Dengue Project

4. Insect Role in Oil Palm Plantations



Presentations and discussions of the key topics will be conducted in the parallel sessions, with various papers presented by stakeholders.

Call for Papers/Posters

Papers are invited for oral or poster presentation. Selected papers will be published in the form of a Scopus Indexed proceedings and journals or published in accredited national scientific journals with additional fee. We are pleased to invite you to submit you paper related to the topic below:

Insect Biosistematics, Physiology & Toxicology, Chemical and Biopesticide, Biological Control, IPM and Insect Ecology, Insect Molecular Biology, Insect Plant Interaction, Economic Entomology, Medical Entomology, Ethnoentomology, Insect Conservation, Natural History of Insect, Agricultural Entomology, Forest Entomology, Ecological Engineering, Bioinformatic of Insect, Pollination Ecology, Invasive Species.



The Congress will be attended by all members of Entomological Society of Indonesia.



Linnaean game and Insect photography competition.



Field trip will be held on the last day of the conference.



 Registration fee*

Early bird by June


On site

 International Participant

300 USD

400 USD

425 USD

 Indonesian PEI Member

2.000.000 IDR

2.500.000 IDR

3.500.000 IDR

 Non member

2.500.000 IDR

3.500.000 IDR

4.500.000 IDR

 International Student

100 USD

150 USD

175 USD

 Indonesian Student

1.000.000 IDR

1.500.000 IDR

2.000.000 IDR

 *Not including publication fees in Scopus-Indexed Proceedings and Journals.



Abstract submission deadline: 31 June 2019

Announcement of paper acceptance: 15 August 2019

Full paper submission (optional): 30 August 2019

CONFERENCE DATE: 6 October 2019, at Prime Plaza Hotel



Paper and Registration:

Dr. Dewi Sartiami (dsartiami@apps.ipb.ac.id)

Ms. Salsabila Nadhifah (+62 081299177331, salsanadhifah20@gmail.com )

Website and Email:




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